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About Us

Our story is unique, Maya Kaminsky, certified personal trainer and aerobic instructor, conceived the idea for W8FIT while teaching an abs class. She wanted to increase the resistance on the basic crunch without holding bulky weights. That is when a new generation of weighted workout clothes was born. Why not just put the weights in clothes? She went home that day and used her background in fashion design to draw the patterns. One year later she used kickstarter to help secure funding to finish production.


All the styles move with a woman’s body, look slimming, and add resistance training to meet all your fitness goals. Each item has specially designed pockets that hold W8FIT weights. Whether it's hitting the gym, running, dancing, playing sports, grocery shopping, or exploring the outdoors, W8FIT keeps you fit and in style. W8FIT strives to boost your fat burning potential by harnessing the power of your regular daily activities to not only help you lose weight but also improve overall fitness.  


Great for rehabilitation and sports training, the W8FIT Wrist Weights and weight belt are valuable tools for Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers and their patients and clients. The thinnest weight design on the market allows for free movement during daily activities. Train and tone muscles and assist in post surgery recovery with these versatile weights.


Your body burns calories based on weight, exercise, duration and intensity. When you add weight to your body, your muscles work harder, burning more calories. Properly weighted clothes will intensify any activity or exercise, increasing the metabolic rate, improving your results by burning more calories in the same amount of time, and making any workout more effective.


Two weight sizes to choose from. Each lead weight is either ¼ lb / 4 oz or ½ lb / 8 oz and powder coated black. The protective powder coating protects the user from contact with raw lead. Each pack of weights in bundled 2 to a pack creating a ½ lb or 1 lb weight. The individual weights allow for incredible versatility. Unlike steel plates or lead sand the W8FIT weight is revolutionary in its design and versatility. The flat rectangle design allows for comfortable fit against the body. Adjustable in ¼ lb and ½ lb increments: weights are easily removed to customize overall weight to meet specific training needs. All the edges are fully rounded, so there are no sharp or hard corners or bulges. Whether it's hitting the gym, running, dancing, playing sports, grocery shopping, or exploring the outdoors, W8FIT keeps you fit and in style, and you will love the results.